Englandfahrt 2019

Auch dieses Jahr geht es wieder zur Sprachreise mit Klasse 10 ...


nach England. Mit dabei 66 Schüler unserer 10. Klasse und 5 Lehrer.


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London, England 2019 Class 10

After the bus had collected us at 7:30 am we were driving to London which took two hours. Shortly after eleven o'clock a tourist guide came onto our bus and showed us, while we were driving through the city, some sights like the "Tower-Bridge" or some locations of Harry Potter. After the bus tour through London we went to the "Tower of London" and we were able solve some tasks or have a look at the fortress. Later on we walked up many stairs to the Tower Bridge and look down through the windows at the road and the Thames. This was so impressive and high that some of us were a bit afraid of heights. After we went all the stairs up we went a few to the engine room of "Tower-Bridge". Here, a computer simulation was used to show how the bridge was opened or closed back in the days. After this tour we were allowed to move around freely in London for one hour before it was 19 o'clock and we had to go back by using the Tube and the bus to Hastings. Round about 21 o'clock we were again in Hastings and returned to our host families.

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