English in the city

Hello everyone,

my name is Paul and I’d like to tell you about an amazing competition that Emily W., Hannah K., Marleen B. and I were able to experience. ...


On the 22nd of January 2020, me and three of my classmates from class 9 attended the English competition “English in the city”, which was hosted by the “Heinrich-Hertz-Gymnasium” in Erfurt. In the morning, around 7:30 AM we arrived at the HHZ. There, the teachers set up and decorated the local auditorium. Around 8 AM we were introduced to the details and work plan of the day. Later on, the competition phase began. We had several types of competitions. There was a reading/writing competition, a listening comprehension, a regional studies part and a conversation part. Once all competitions were completed, the jury (including our teacher Mr. Hintze) was reviewing the results. About one hour later, the award ceremony took place. Everyone received a price, e.g. theatre tickets, calendars, books, and some other prices. Nearly all of us scored a “fantastic” result. All in all, the competition was an awesome and informative experience. We were all pleased to have the chance attending this competition.

Erfurt 25.01.2020 - Paul Winter